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Holiday VoxBox 2013

What the heck is VoxBox? And how come I got a box full of deluxe and full size samples for free? 


VoxBox is a complimentary service to try out different products. The more you blog, tweet, video yourself reviewing products, the more credibility and influence you have to the community. Thus, increasing your chances for a box of samples.

So with that, DIVE INTO THE PERKS.

imageTiny box full of goodies. It comes packed neatly. Mine had 5 items inside.

Rimmel Show Off Lip Laquer (Celestial)

imageLooks normal. Color is gorgeous. Yet opening revealed the most…disturbing scents I could imagine for a lip laquer. It smelled heavily of a plastic..almost burnt. It took me a long time just to gain some courage to put on. It’s a little sticky, but the color is gorgeous. Maybe I got the reject one.

NYC Trio Eyeshadow

imageIt claims the top color as a highlight, the middle as an all over lid color, and the bottom as the crease color. The only one with any pigment is the highlight. The “crease” color is a champagne and too light to be a crease color with the taupe-brown in the middle. Pigmentation just wasn’t there. Nice neutral trio though.

Puffs + Lotion Tissues

imageEasy access, compact for carrying around. Very nice for the purse or car. Nice timing to send with the winter, too.

Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates (Peanut Butter Creme)

imageHEALTHY REESE’S CUPS. They’re amazing. 6 pounches with 3 bars each. 18 bars for free? Tasty and low cal? Oh yeah.

Plus you got a roll of mini duck tape. Haven’t used it yet. But it will be neat for sending off packages. 

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